AliExpress: 70% Off Minion Plush Toy 25cm Tall - Only $5.27 & Free Shipping

AliExpress: 70% Off Minion Plush Toy 25cm Tall - Only $5.27 & Free Shipping


Minions are all the rage with kids these days. I ran across these sizable minion plushies on sale from $17.58 down to $5.27 at AliExpress. Your order also comes with free shipping to Canada (from China).

These large plushies (just over a foot tall) are great for your Minion loving kid as they are affordable, plush, and look like the minions from the recent Minion movie (and the Despicable Me movies). You can choose from: simple eye, two eyes with smile, or two eyes with laugh. Each one resembles one of the movie minions so you may want to pick up all three. Unlike many listings which send you a random doll (not of your choice) you get to choose which style you want.

I know that these plushies are from China but those plushies of about the same size that you order at Toys R Us are probably made in China as well. I am not saying that they are of the same quality, but I would rather pay around $5 for a toy that is going to fall out of popularity in like a year when the next new thing comes along. The only disadvantage is the delivery time: these can take up to 50 days to come in. I have to say though, I order clothes from Australia and the frequently take 30 days to come in. Some things are just worth it.

I have been restricting myself to a much better (for my wallet) budget these days so inexpensive items are all the rage right now. I like this deal for several reasons. First, the minions are large plush toys (25 cm) instead of just some little trinket. Second, the price - under $6 - is right now something that your children will only pay attention to until the next big movie comes out. Anyone remember Frozen?

Third, unlike some products, these plushies actually resemble the characters they are supposed to look like. Lastly, for parents on a tight budget, getting your kids the newest toy for the newest fad may be totally out of the question. With this, you can probably afford one for your eager kid.

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