This Aladdin Magic Lamp Grants Wishes!

Will your three wishes come true?
This Aladdin Magic Lamp Grants Wishes!

This might just be the next generation's Magic 8 Ball. The live-action remake of Aladdin comes out in just a few days, and what better way to celebrate the release than with a genie of your own?

To be more precise, it's a magic lamp of your own, but it can still "predict" the future and grant your wishes! And you don't even have to enter the Cave of Wonders to find it, because they're at Shop Disney!

The Aladdin Wish Making Lamp is part of their new Aladdin Live Action Film collection, and you can order one now for $14.95 USD (so about $20.07 CAD with today's exchange rate).

So how does it work? Think of your wish carefully, and then press the button at the top of the lamp. You'll see lights and hear sounds – and then check what's happening in the front window. Spot three lamps, and your wish will be granted. Three snakes, though, and your wish won't come true.

While this magic lamp can't grant you a million more wishes, help you find true love or give you riches beyond your wildest dreams, it'll definitely make things a little more fun. So what will you wish for?

Once you're on the Disney website, check out their Swim Shop, since select bathing suits, beach towels and even swim goggles and flip-flops are up to 40% off. Shipping costs to Canada will vary.

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