Airbnb: $25 off First $75+ Booking

Airbnb: $25 off First $75+ Booking


Needing accommodations while on vacation and want something a little more homey than a hotel? Check out Airbnb to rent a bed, a room, a private place, or an entire house while on vacation. Click through the link below and get $25 off your first $75+ booking.

So what is Airbnb? It allows you to connect with people around the world that have a suite in their home, or a room in their home that they would like to rent out. You can also just rent a bed to sleep in (so a shared room) or go as far as to rent an entire house. There are really cool things to rent as well: like a houseboat or a boat.

Personally, I LOVE Airbnb! I can't use this discount because I already have an account and have booked with them before. The accommodations for my entire trip in Iceland was through Airbnb. We stayed in a private room for sixteen days for only $586. There is no way we could find a hotel for that price. It was an amazing experience and our hosts were wonderfully accommodating and even gave us a cell phone to use while there in case of emergencies.

In March I am going to the Emerald City Comic Convention and all the hotels anywhere near the convention center really raise their prices around that time. Even the dedicated 'convention' hotels are pretty expensive and sell out so quickly. Instead of going for a hotel, I just booked us three nights in an apartment that is right beside the convention center. The place has great reviews and we paid a little less than a hotel would have cost and are in a prime location. The host has great reviews and I am really looking forward to our stay.

Airbnb is a great way to find accommodations in a prime location and for a cheaper price than traditional hotels. I love the website and am thrilled they have this promo to encourage new users to try them out!

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  • Anna W.
    I've actually never used it but I hear people raving about it all the time.
    • Anna W.
      Just booked my first Airbnb trip, staying in a villa in Spain! Whoop!