Air France Advantage Code: Get $50 Off $500!

Air France Advantage Code: Get $50 Off $500!


This is an Air France advantage code which gets you a $50 discount on a spend of $500 or more. Here are all the details:

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  • Coupon Code: CJPROMO532
  • Discount: $50 off $500
  • Conditions: Travel to Europe from Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa

I wanted to test out this Air France coupon code before I posted it here, to make sure it worked well. Being a seasoned online shopper… I thought I knew how these things usually worked! But I simply could not figure out where to enter the “coupon code” as these things are normally called. Eventually, I saw a little link saying “enter advantage code,” so I thought I’d give that a wee try. I popped in the coupon code, continued on through the checkout, and the discount was applied to the final trip.

I thought I would be even smarter, and see if the $50 discount worked on a one-way Air France trip. This way, if you book a return flight as 2 separate trips, you might be able to get a total of a $100 discount, instead of just $50 off. The coupon DOES work for single trips, it shows a $50 discount on the booking page. BUT when I did my searches, I found that the prices for the single trips were TWICE the price of the return fare. For example, when choosing a return trip to Paris from Montreal, the outbound flight was around $800. But when you select one-way, the exact same flight costs $1600!!

So, I recommend you check how much it would be using the Air France advantage code to fly return, or to book 2 single trips, and see which is the better deal.

Thanks Thomas!


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