Air Canada: Get 50% Bonus Aeroplan Miles

Air Canada: Get 50% Bonus Aeroplan Miles

If you're gonna take a trip, you might as well get more Aeroplan Miles with Air Canada.

This is a great deal. It's coming up to summertime and a lot of people are going to be taking family trips. Maybe you're making your way to Disney or you're gonna meet a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. Even if you just wanna fly a few provinces over and hang out with your extended family for a bit, this is a great perk. Basically you just book a flight and you get the bonus points. Here are the basic rules:

  • Fly with Air Canada in Premium Economy, Executive Class, and Executive First Class for travel between June 17th and September 2nd, 2013. Premium Economy will also include non-stop flights from Montreal to Paris six days a week beginning in July.
  • Fly with Air Canada Rouge in Premium Rouge, where you’ll enjoy hot towel service, exquisitely prepared meals and carefully selected wines, available for travel starting July 1st to September 2nd, 2013.
I've literally only flown once and it was a one-way trip to Montreal with my Dad just so I could experience an airplane. Other than that I've always driven or taken the train to my destinations. I know a lot of people fly every week and a lot of those have collected tons of Aeroplan Points. For those people, this could be a great opportunity to scoop up some more points.
(Expiry: 2nd September 2013)


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