Air Canada: 10% off Air Canada Maple Leaf Club Memberships + Bonus Aeroplan Miles

If you travel a lot, you know how hard finding some peace and quiet is. Air Canada wants to give you that peace and quite and wants to do it for less money. Win=win, right?

There are three levels of Maple Leaf Club memberships:

  • Maple Leaf Club Canada - Was $365 - Save $36.50 - Now $328.50 + Get 1075 Aeroplan miles!
  • Maple Leaf Club North America Plus - Was $485 - Save $48.50 - Now $436.50 + Get 3075  Aeroplan miles!
  • Maple Leaf Club Worldwide - Was $648.99 - Save $64.99 - Now $584 + Get 7075  Aeroplan miles!

You can also buy these memberships with your Aeroplan miles if you want to.

For those of you who don't know, the Air Canada Maple Leaf Club. is one of those plush, lavishly adorned rooms you see characters on sitcoms trying to sneak in to at airports. It's basically a club where you can go and hang out while you aren't flying. They are exclusive to members and are supervised so you are ensured a good experience. You can go there to enjoy some privacy or use their business amenities.

They have these lounges in all the major airports around the world and you can get access to them all, only the North American ones or only the Canadian ones, depending on your needs. If you're travelling with someone you can buy them a guest pass for $20 or $30 depending on the time of day and some of the passes come with a guest membership.

(Expires: 6th November 2012)

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