Aerie Canada Spring Surprise Gift Card With Any Purchase

Aerie Canada Spring Surprise Gift Card With Any Purchase

Aerie Spring Surprise Gift Card With Any Purchase

With any Aerie purchase in store, you will receive a surprise gift card with a value of $10, $25, $50, or $100.

Until February 11, 2010, you will receive a gift card valuing at minimum $10 with your in store purchase of any amount. This means that even if you are only buying a pair of $3 panties, you will get back at least $10 worth in gift card. This deal applies to sale merchandise as well. The gift card you receive must be redeemed between Feb 13 and March 14.

This is such a great deal on adorable underwear and lounge wear. This would definitely encourage any special someones to make it worth their while to check out the store before Valentine’s Day.


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  • lia
    I went to aerie in montreal, they don't recognize this deal, what are you talking about then?????????
    • Yanyi
      Hey, I actully just went to Aerie yesterday, and they gave me a gift card with my purchase... maybe the deal excludes Quebec... retailers do that sometimes, i dont know why...sorry the deal didn't work out for you. Yanyi
    • Sarah
      I went into Aerie at West Edmonton Mall yesterday, and they didn't know about it either. I was kinda looking forward to a gift card!
      • LittleVi
        Aww...really? I was planning to go to WEM, but they don't even know about the promotion! :(
        • Sarah
          They did tell me to check Kingsway tho. It's a seperate store there.
      • CLaudia
        yeea aerie is dumb. they do it all the time. sometimes they dont have their deals at my store either....and i go there all excited. i kinda hate them. they have shitty clothing, and the manager at my store is racist and mean. Id rather go to Victoirias Secret Pink.
        • Jamie
          if we buy something from Aerie products from American eagle does it work too?
          • sarah
            dont fall for this scam. you can only use it between feb 13-mar 14. And during those times, NOTHING is on sale. and also their crap is over priced. And lastly, ALL Their items get shipped off to Winners. I saw the same bras and boxers and hoodies, pants, shorts at Winners for LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE. Bras at aerie $34.50 Bras at winners $7.99 for the SAME bra......makes them look cheap an seems liek a rip off.
            • Anna
              Sarah and Claudia, are you the same person? And I really hate it when people use the word scam in the completely wrong context. It's a pretty harsh word.