Advent Calendars up to 50% off @

Advent Calendars up to 50% off @

Edited: The only calendar that remains on sale is the following and it has been reduced to 33% off.

Advent calendars are such a big thing this year, you will be happy to know you can get an Advent calendar at up to 50% off for your kids to start the countdown to the big day shortly.

One that my son has been asking for is the Mega Bloks Block Minion Movie Advent Calendar. This one happens to be almost 50% off ($19.97 down from $39.00) so I'm happy to buy this one for him.

Here's a list of some of the other sale Advent calendars you can still buy:

Re: Shipping - If you want this calendar to arrive on or close to Dec. 1, you can use your Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of the 2 day free shipping to do so. You can also add on the 2-day shipping option if you are not a Prime member however and in my case when I tested it out, the shipping cost is $6.88 for me but could vary. A free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime would be a good idea so you don't have to pay that shipping fee.


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