Adorable Children's Tents Just $20 @

Adorable Children's Tents Just $20 @

I've you've never checked out the IKEA children's section online, you're missing out! They have the cutest toys, at the lowest prices. Their items remind me of the Melissa & Doug toy line, with lots of wooden toys and basic play concepts. These Children's Tents at IKEA are just $19.99, which is such a reasonable price for tents like these ones. Your little ones will be playing knights in shinning armor in no time!

Las week I talked about my love of pop-up tents, and reaffirm it now: they make awesome toys. I can just imagine kiddos pilling up this tent with pillows, for a cool and comfy hideout. Who needs to build a pillow fort when you can have a tent like this one?

Shipping is calculated in cart for your online purchase at IKEA. For some reason a lot of people are scared to order from there because of the shipping costs, but I can assure you that they are very reasonable. Even if I lived close by to an IKEA, I'd still be tempted to order online to avoid their busy line-ups and crowded rooms.

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