Acuvue Canada: Free Contact Lenses!

Acuvue Canada: Free Contact Lenses!

Acuvue are offering us all a little freebie. It’s a free trial pair of Acuvue lenses! You have to fill in a short form online, which asks various questions about your eyes and your regime.

Eligible products include:

  • Acuvue advance
  • Acuvue oasys
  • Acuvue advance for astigmatism
  • Acuvue 2
  • Acuvue 2 colours
  • 1 day Acuvue
  • Acuvue toric
  • Acuvue bifocal
  • Acuvue brand contact lenses

I noticed this in the small print though: Professional exam and fitting fees are not included. (Shame)

Now, I haven’t done this freebie myself, but best of luck, and please let me know how you get on by commenting below! I did do a test run to see what the gift certificate was like, and it appears to be valid for a period of 3 months. You can print it out right away, so be sure to have your printer ready.

When you complete it, it also shows you a list of the nearest eye care professionals near you, where you can go to get a fitting. Just a shame the fitting isn’t free as well!

Thanks to fashionsalad.


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  • Kenny G.
    SCAM!!!...JOKE!!!! for Canadians!! The USA gives these offers with no hassle or problems!!!
    • Ottawa G.
      Usually you can get a FREE trial pair from the store you buy contacts from. I've probably gotten 15 different brands to try over the years. Stores usually get free not for resale sample pairs or can order them for free if you ask. I have never had to pay for this either, only whatever i buy afterwards. Now Accuvue does have somevery good rebates compared to other brands. Too bad the store I used to shop at they were so pushy w accuvue and rebates and it is not a brand i can see properly with, they do not fit my eyes.... Now if u shop online only u r out of luck.....