ACEVIVI Professional 10 Pcs Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set, $13 @

ACEVIVI Professional 10 Pcs Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set, $13 @

With all of the new eyebrow makeup tricks and techniques out there, (and extremely cool eyebrow makeup product that all of the companies are making) I thought it would be nice to find an extra brush set. I want one that has some smaller brushes in it. This entire brush set is selling for only $13 by Amazon Marketplace seller ACEVIVI , and fulfilled by Amazon. ca so you will receive the brushes quickly!

The reviews on this brush set are fantastic! Reviewers like the soft feel of the brushes (designed with synthetic, not natural, hairs.) The also report that the brush fibers stay securely in the brush. It's not fun picking blush brush hairs off of your face and clothes, when you have a blush brush that 'sheds.' There are comments by reviewers that the brush handles stay on securely. I like that! It seems I have a lot of half brushes in my door that need fixing with good ol' Gorilla glue.

It is highly recommended that you wash your brushes out and let them air dry. I used to work in a cosmetics retail store and we used a brush cleaner designed for cleansing the brushes, but a close 2nd for a brush cleaner was baby shampoo. So lather them up well, rinse them out, then after squeezing out the water, sort of smack the head of the brush back and forth over a clean counter several times, to flick excess water off of the brush. Gently shape it with your hand, and let it air dry flat on a paper towel.

Shipping is around $4.50 for this item, or free if you purchase over $25 total of eligible items at If you're an Amazon Prime member, shipping will be free on these with no minimum purchase.

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