AC to USB Power Adapter Charger Deals

AC to USB Power Adapter Charger Deals


I had a conversation a while ago with a Mooser about the 'problem' with the Kobo eReader being it has to charge via laptop. She at the time saw it as a problem, I saw it as a simple solution: a AC to USB (or USB to AC) Power Adapter Charger. They are handy little things that let you plug your usb cable into one end and then plug it into the wall. Presto: you are bi-passing your computer and can charge your items anywhere there is an outlet.

The problem often found is that these things cost a decent amount of money. The Apple USB Power Adapter costs $35.00 and the Belkin's power adapter is $24.99.

So here are the alternatives I have found for you to save your pocket book:

Yup, it looks like the $35 Apple USB Power Adapter. But it isn't. However, it has got great reviews and is a mere fraction of the price. It is small, gives your USB charged items power wherever you go.

Also a very good price. Has a 1 year warranty, indicator light.. everything you would need. Not as small and compact as the previous, but still exceptional value.

Note: I have not ordered from either of these companies before, these are just sweet deals I have found and since this has been a topic of interest before, I thought you guys would love some assistance on finding some cheap power!


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