AbeBooks (US): Free Shipping to Canada on Select Books

AbeBooks (US): Free Shipping to Canada on Select Books


AbeBooks now has a special search function where you can find just books that have free shipping to Canada.

There is no minimum purchase required. Just use the search engine and put in the book title, author, ISBN number, or whatever search terms you know and make sure to select the "free shipping to Canada" choice.

Now AbeBooks is a US website but it has a plethora of used and rare books. If you love reading then this promotion would be very useful. I recently purchased The History of Middle Earth by J.R.R. Tolkien for a friend of mine who is a major fan. I couldn't find the set in stock in Canada and even the used copies cost over $200. I found it on AbeBooks from the UK for around $150 including shipping and the exchange rate. It was a fantastic buy and my friend was ecstatic!

If you are looking for something rare, out of print, or hard to find, then AbeBooks is a great place to shop. With this free shipping to Canada option you can find cheap books and not worry about the shipping cost cutting into your savings.

You still could be hit with duty and taxes if your order costs over $20. Thankfully, the big book set I mentioned above made it through customs without any additional charges.

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