AARTech Canada: $70 Off Skylink Residential Garage Door Opener ($100)

AARTech Canada: $70 Off Skylink Residential Garage Door Opener ($100)

Get this Skylink Garage Door Opener on clearance from AARTech for only $99.99.

I've seen a lot of bad garage door setups in my day. I've seen them go halfway up then stop, and have to be forced the rest of the way. I've seen them landed with enough force to take a foot off. I've seen openers that sound like a truck is rumbling through the house. This opener, well this opener is awesome. It has a wall button and a visor remote with a rolling code for increased security. It automatically detects and adjusts how much force it needs to open and close. It eases the door open or closed, so there is no more jarring before the door stops moving. And, I think my personal favourite line in the marketing copy is this: "The light automatically starts to dim before it turns off for an elegant effect." That's right. This garage door opener is "elegant."

You should know that since this is on clearance and discounted so much, you get no warranty other than a DOA warranty. If it's broken out of the box, they'll help you. It was $169.99 but you save $70 and get it for only $99.99.

Shipping is different based on where you live.

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