A Greener Way: Free Shipping + 25% Off

A Greener Way: Free Shipping + 25% Off


Last time I posted about A Greener Way it got a great reception by our readers. I am blooging again to let you know they have a special promotion on, free shipping! It doesn't require a coupon code so you can use it in conjunction with the 25% off coupon code we mentioned previously HERE.

This free shipping across Canada goes through November 4, 2010.

I adore this store and am going to be placing another order. I already got my first order and use their products all the time (they are in my lunch bag right now). Their deli wraps are so sweet, keep my sandwiches all cozy and I love throwing the insulated one in the freezer overnight before, to help keep my sandwich cold. The snack bags are great for throwing carrot sticks, fruit, and just about anything in. They clean really easily.

Remember: use coupon code Glimpse25 to get an addition 25% off your order.

Here is what Mooser Sunshine said when we posted the code previously:

...this is one of the cheaper (price wise) eco friendly products out there…and i love that the price of one item breaks down to around $4 each with the discount.


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  • AnneV
    Please, please support this company. The owner is one of the loveliest persons I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with for an online purchase. She's very accommodating and I believe she does everything you see on the site herself. I just got the cutest floral lunch set (with the insulated lining deli bag) and all the pieces are well sewn and work wonderfully. I also got a red paisley heart snack bag which my daughter adores. These products are a tiny cost for a huge long term benefit and there's no downside at all. They're eco-friendly and certainly unique. Please take advantage of the free shipping while you can, I know I'm gonna get more bags for gifts, but even regular shipping is only a few bucks and my last package showed up in THREE days.
    • Avigayil
      I have had a lot of communication with the owner and she is awesome! She is doing a custom set so my insulated deli wrap is matching and also is making a different pattern wet bag for me. She also pulled some fabric out of retirement that she had just enough of to make one bag, because it was my favourite pattern. She is great. Thanks so much for your great review! We always love to hear feedback :-)
      • AnneV
        My pleasure and thanks for responding! I'm always happy to give positive feedback. By the way, please remember to post it, I've not seen it on the Bargainmoose comments yet.