A Greener Way: Exclusive 25% Off Coupon Code

A Greener Way: Exclusive 25% Off Coupon Code

A Greener Way has graced us with an exclusive 25% off coupon code for their entire store! I am a big fan of A Greener Way because they make the most affordable snack bags and lunch wraps in the most beautiful patterns! Your 'brown bag' lunches should not be without these.

Shop a Greener Way for reusable lunch organization solutions

  • Discount: 25% off
  • Coupon Code: BARGAINMOOSE
  • Expiry: 23rd, October 2011

They have a supper reasonable flat shipping rate of $2.50 across Canada.

I have: omg... at least 5 complete sets of these plus some partials. I gave my mother a set too, they make awesome gifts as most everyone could use an alternative to plastic bags in their lunches. Hey, early Christmas shopping! I love their matching sets, plus I like to explore their singles to pick up some insulated options for the summer.. stick them in the freezer and you are good to go.

They have some gorgeous patterns this time that make me just want to get more! Here are my FAV fabrics:

Sometimes you can find matching sets in the separate areas, like the Floral Dot Plaid has a matching small snack bag and a matching large snack bag if you check out those areas. There is also some great prints for kids, like Batman.


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  • Becci
    I've been wanting to get away from plastic food bags and this fills the ticket so awesomely. With the 25% off, it's a no-brainer for me. Thx!
    • Natalia
      I got these bags on their last promotion and love them! Cute designs too!