A Greener Way: 20% Off Coupon Code

A Greener Way: 20% Off Coupon Code


I really am thrilled with the sandwich wraps and little lunch baggies that A Greener Way makes. I have 2 complete sets and a few extra, and they are... awesome! Right now A Greener Way is offering 20% off your entire purchase. Their shipping is super reasonable at around $3 for a full 3 piece set.

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  • Discount: 20% off
  • Coupon Code: AGW20
  • Expires: 3rd, April 2011

There are limited numbers of each product, so certainly get something if you find that you love the fabric. I just cleaned her out of the Poppy Set, something I have been eyeing up for a while, and got a wrap and small snack bag in Fandago, one of my favourite fabrics. I was tempted to go for the Asian Market Purple set too, it is so pretty. Since I first got these my husband now takes all his sandwiches to work in them. :-)

P.S. Prices in USD, however they ship from Canada as they are a Canadian company.


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