The Foryee Frog Potty Urinal - A Formidable Solution, $17 @ Marketplace

The Foryee Frog Potty Urinal - A Formidable Solution, $17 @ Marketplace

I remember potty training my son and one thing I would have changed about the traditional potty for boys is this: I would have designed it so that they can basically just run up to it and use it when they have to pee! (Most toddler boys really do tend to take the 'run up to it now' approach, at least while they are in training.)

Using a little toilet seat ring on the regular toilet is still an excellent idea for other 'business', but trying to maneuver to get the toilet lid open, and pull up the stepping stool to be tall enough to only pee didn't work that great.

A miniature toilet style potty was the same deal but in the opposite sense - again, you had to lift the lid, and try to aim in a spot that (apparently) was too low to be ideal.

Enter, the Foryee Frog Potty Training Urinal, that is being sold by Amazon Marketplace seller Foryee -CA. What I love about this urinal for boys is that they get to pee just like Dad. (What boy doesn't want to do that?) You can install it at the exact right height for your son! I absolutely love that feature. There is an added incentive, too...they can make a little waterwheel turn around as they go! (No more 'peeing in Cheerios' for targets and disappointing the toddlers when they miss the wee, tiny Cheerio opening!)

The Foryee Frog Potty is a super cute design and is perfect for being able to quickly use it since it is readily available. Installation is easy. Although there are suction cups, I'm sure you will want to use the convenient hanging hooks to secure it in an easy to access spot in the bathroom. You will be emptying it out and cleaning it many times a day, so it makes sense to have a lift out cup that is quick and easy to rinse out.

It will also be entertaining if you have a cat, I'm sure. If your cat is anything like ours, and follows your toddler everywhere, then you know what I mean. Your cat will also be intrigued with the waterwheel as it spins. Your toddler will love this! You will too - the price is great, it's only $17! You can select from a few different colours, check out the pictures in the link!

Shipping is free if your order is over $25, or selected shades have free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member. Why not buy a twin pack for only $32, so you have the convenience of having one in a couple of bathrooms? You will qualify for free shipping then, too!

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