99¢ Summer Drinks Are Back @ Tim Hortons

99¢ Summer Drinks Are Back @ Tim Hortons

Nothing screams summer to me like driving in the sunshine and hitting the Tim Hortons Drive Thru for an Ice Capp or Frozen Lemonade! It's that time again and we've got the 2017 Tims Summer Drink Line up!

Somewhere between having my second darling and starting to work from home, I developed a serious coffee addiction. I'd been a tea girl for years but something about a sweet, icy cold Iced Coffee on a sleep deprived morning, completely converted me. What's the summer price of these morning gifts? Only 99¢!

Let's just all take a moment and say thank you. I know I'll be drinking lots of these this summer!

My favourite treat by far is the Ice Capp, made with Chocolate Milk. It's surprisingly less calories that the original, made with cream and has a chocolaty twist! These little pick me ups are $1.99.

For my girls, I certainly don't need them having a caffeine fix. The Mixed Berry Real Fruit Chill and Tropical Real Fruit Chill, are perfect for them to cool off with and are just the right size, at $1.99 each as well. No word on the additional cost of adding yogurt this year.

I'm going to go ahead and assume as a Canadian, you all know where your closest Tim Hortons locations are. However, just in case you're traveling or in a new area, here's a handy little Store Finder. Apparently there are 26 locations in my town alone!


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