99 Cents 3 Mos Spotify Premium Streaming Music—$30 Value!

99 Cents 3 Mos Spotify Premium Streaming Music—$30 Value!

I have personally tried several different streaming music services including Google Play Music and Apple Music and always come right back to Spotify. The interface of the program is user-friendly through all avenues of streaming such as through pc, tablet or phone app. The songs I look up always seem to be listed, as they have a huge collection—literally millions of songs. The sound is really good (to say the least—it is high definition sound) and it streams smoothly on all devices.

You really need to try this service if you haven't yet. (You are not able to sign up for this offer if you are already a member.) You can listen to your music anywhere, even offline, with a Premium account. Spotify Premium is great to use in the vehicle this summer holidays because with a Premium membership you are able to play music that has previously been downloaded to your device through Spotify using a wifi connection. You can also use this premium music streaming service this summer with a blue tooth speaker while sitting outside, controlling your playlist with your phone!

This will be signing up for a subscription, so make sure you understand if you don't cancel your trial within the 3 months, you will be charged again a fee of $10 a month until you do cancel. You may very well wish to stay signed on. I have no regrets staying on at $10 a month, it is well worth it!

I have on occasion reverted back to the free Spotify service which is also a nice streaming service. But what I seek from the Premium service is the ability to download songs quickly and easily to my phone over a wifi connection, and when out, so that I can play my entire playlist without using wifi or cellular data.

One of the best features with Spotify Premium is the ability to be able to play any song on your play list in any play order if you have subscribed to the Premium version of Spotify, and flip through songs as needed. The free version doesn't let you do this. There are also no voice ads on the premium version.

Don't worry—if you sign up and don't like Spotify as much as I think you will, it's super easy to cancel your subscription online without talking to a representative. It is a simple click to cancel button found in your online account area. You will then not be charged again unless you reinstate your Spotify Premium account. If you are worried you will forget to cancel on time, you can cancel right away as well, and they still let you use up the three months that you paid 99 cents for! At any time you wish to stay on, there will be a quick button to reinstate your account. One of my pet peeves are free trials that make a person jump through hoops to cancel. It just shouldn't be that way, and it isn't, with Spotify, you can read the fine print here for yourself to see. Enjoy your subscription!

Shipping is a simple download to your pc, tablet, or phone!

(Deal expiry: June 30, 2016)


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  • Anna

    I have Spotify Premium - I couldn't live without it, now! 

    • Eryn

      I agree, Anna, and the cost is minimal for a service that has such a huge impact! :)