76% off Persian 4'7" x 6'7" Rugs - Now $60 & Free Shipping @ Shop.ca

76% off Persian 4'7" x 6'7" Rugs - Now $60 & Free Shipping @ Shop.ca


I recently posted a sweet deal on shag rugs that has many Moosers quite happy. However, a friend of mine wondered if there were any good deals out there for those who do not like shag (I know... it’s a thing). Thus, I found a couple eCarpetGallery Machine made Persian Silk Collection rugs that measure 4'7" x 6'7". Originally $250 each, they are now on sale for $100. Use our exclusive coupon codeMOOSE40OFF100AUGUST for an extra $40 off your order bringing your new Persian rug down to just $60 with free shipping.

With our added exclusive coupon code, each rug is 76% off its original price. You might prefer one of these rugs if you want a patterned rug for your living room or you simply dislike shag rugs. I admit that shag rugs are pretty awesome for the bedroom, but I would not want one to be the focal piece in my living room. These Persian silk rugs are also larger than the shag rugs I posted about yesterday, thus they would do better in larger rooms.

These are not actual 'silk' from silk worms. Rather, the 'Persian Silk' refers to the collection and the design of the rugs. Essentially, these are made off 100% Viscose with 100% Cotton foundation. These rugs resemble famous palace rugs and are a traditional style rug with various accent colours including black yellow and cream. Choose from two lovely traditional Persian rug designs.

While I tried to price compare these rugs, I just could not find them elsewhere. However, I did go bleary-eyed from looking at WAY too many beige rugs! I found some similar rugs from the same company in the mid-$100 range but they were smaller. Then I found a bunch of smaller rugs from the same collection on sale for $79.99... but we are talking nearly half the size.

Given the price of similar rugs from the same company, I concluded that this was a pretty fine deal. Pick up a new rug for your living room at a fraction of the going price.

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    I don't know if I'm the only one but the clicky such as "Click here to purchase the ..." never work on my web browser (Firefox up to date). Hope this might get fixed soon :)
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          So you've been missing out!! :) Glad you got it sorted.