75% Off Universal USB Car & Home Chargers Only 99¢ @ Phone Gala

75% Off Universal USB Car & Home Chargers Only 99¢ @ Phone Gala


I lose small things all the time - and they never reappear again. One of the things I recently lost was the little square wall charger that I used to charge my iPhone 5. It has a one-USB in port and the other end sticks into the wall. Simple. Phone Gala has these Universal 5W Power Adapter Chargers on sale from $3.99 down to just 99¢. In addition, they also have the Universal USB Mini Car Charger Adapter on sale from $3.99 down to 99¢ as well. Both these chargers are 75% off and are compatible with any cell phone. Today ONLY you will receive free shipping on any order with our exclusive coupon code123MOOSE8TH (code now expired).

Each charger comes in either black or white. You could pick up a set of white chargers - for home and for car - that will match your iPhone but not cost the same as licensed Apple chargers would cost you. I owned a cable from this company but it unfortunately got fried when my phone reversed polarization during a recent update. That was NOT fun. Until then, it worked perfectly well and I often used it for charging my phone on the go instead of unplugging the cable from my multi-USB charger.

Speaking of on the go charging, I use my car charger a lot - surprisingly. I have an external battery but I forgot to bring it sometimes. Or, I underestimate how long I will be out and then my battery goes much lower than I expect (especially if I am using GPS). Having a car charger for my cell phone is a must and - at this price - you can afford one for each vehicle.

These might also make great stocking stuffers for the more technologically inclined in your family. I also wanted to mention this Lightning to USB Cable, 1 meter for only $2.99. This makes a great and affordable replacement cord. Personally, I will be picking up this PrimeCables Lightning Cable MFI Apple Certified - 1m (3.28ft) on sale from $9.99 down to $7.99. I hate running just one cable.

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