75% Off Mason Jar Tumblers Were $15 | Now $3.75 & Free Shipping @ Garage.ca

75% Off Mason Jar Tumblers Were $15 | Now $3.75 & Free Shipping @ Garage.ca


Mason jar tumblers are so popular this year that everyone either has one or wants one. Therefore, I am tickled pink to bring you this deal on Mason Jar Tumbers at Garage Canada. Originally $14.95, these jar tumblers are on sale for $5. Use coupon codeTICKTOCK25 until end of day today to receive an extra 25% off your order bringing these tumbers down to just $3.75 each. You will also receive free shipping on any order.

There are three Mason jar tumblers to choose from: "Sip Happens" in neon pink, "Sip Happens" in Burgundy, and "Dreamin' Bout the Weekend" in pink. There are a few other styles (through a different link) but they cost double the price.

Unlike real Mason Jars, these Mason jar tumblers are made of 100% BPA free plastic. They are not dishwasher or microwave safe as the plastic would melt. While I much prefer glass, these make more sense for younger children and careless teens that might drop their beverage at a moment's notice. While plastic can break, it has more plasticity than glass so there is a good chance it will not.

Seriously, I am enjoying this deal. You pick up a cute little mason jar tumbler for an affordable price and get free shipping on your entire order. I am seeing pins on Mason jar tumblers all the time - they are all the rage right now. I even considered buying one for myself - or making one - but buying mason jars isn't cheap. Maybe I could make one out of a pickle jar.

The shipping is worth more than the price you will pay for the tumbler. I often send parcels and it is so hard to get anything beneath $8 these days unless it is tiny and light weight. As I mentioned above, the coupon expires tonight and then you will have to pay $5 per jar. I suggest placing your order today.

(Expiry: 21st September 2015)


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