75% Off Map My Heart Journal - Was $20 | Now $5 @ Chapters

75% Off Map My Heart Journal - Was $20 | Now $5 @ Chapters


Map My Heart journal is an interactive journal exploring your life by asking questions, giving you food for thought, and letting your doodle out your answers. This is a fun and fantastic way to get the reluctant writers into journaling or just to explore you. Originally $19.99, this Map My heart journal is now on sale for $5.

So what IS this thing? Well, Map My Heart lets you doodle your way to the darkest depths of your heart. It makes you think about yourself, where you see yourself, and how you relate to the world. It will also make you laugh and draw and have a lot of fun all packed into one interactive little book for $5. As one description says:

Maybe you're a lovable goon. Maybe you're a psychotic bunny boiler. The only way to find out is to map your heart.

Personally, I suck at keeping a journal. My mother always pressed upon me how important it was to journal and how I would treasure those books as I got older, but I could never make it work. This book is cool in that it is non-traditional. You don't need to make a detailed list of how you feel or what you did; you can simply fill in bubbles, doodle out answers, and jot down a few words.

This is a themed journal. It is all about the heart and relationships and you - of course - as you are one part of a relationship. Thus, this book makes a great gift for adults both single and in relationships. In fact, I think this would be great as part of an office party gift exchange. Rather than the usual knick-knacks, this book actually looks really nice and like it would be a lot of fun. If I saw this at my Christmas party, I would certainly try to score this gift!

I wanted to mention a few other journals if you are placing an order. This Wooly Journal Stud Closure Stripes Grey and this Wooly Journal Stud Closure Stripes Purple are both on sale for 71% off. Originally $35, they are now $10 each.

In addition, this Studded Journal Dark Brown was $28 and is now $9. That is 67% off the original price for this journal as well.

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