74% Off Canada Loves Jumbo Vase Was $39.50 | Now $10 @ Chapters Indigo

74% Off Canada Loves Jumbo Vase Was $39.50 | Now $10 @ Chapters Indigo


The Canada Loves Jumbo Vase is a giant looking coffee cup that can be used as a vase or just a storage container to hold pretty much anything. The Canada Loves Jumbo Vase was $39.50 but is now on sale for a mere $10! That is 74% off the original price.

This 96oz jumbo coffee mug is so darn cool - I just want to make some hot chocolate in it and only have 'one cup'. ;) While it is designed to be a vase, you could use this to store almost anything: odds n' ends, shells, art supplies, craft supplies, and more. 96oz works out to six cups of space inside this mug.

The mug pays tribute to Canada with a colourful graphic list of all the great things about Canada including maple syrup, blue lakes, red canoes and more. It feels like a tribute to my childhood when we used to go camping. My parents had a red canoe... more of a faded red canoe... that we used to take out once in a while with us. When my Dad wanted a nap - alone - he would take the canoe out on the lake and snooze in it.

The mug measures 8.38" by 5.9” by 7”.  It is ceramic, thus it can handle heat or cold. The mug is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning as well.

I like this giant Canadian themed mug because large containers of any design are often rather expensive. When you want a large vase or a large storage container for ribbons, buttons, tape, and more... you will often pay more for the container (if it is any quality) than you will for the bits and bobs inside it. I love the size of this mug and just how versatile it is for decor. It is also a nice casual piece, unlike a traditional vase, that might withstand a few falls from being knocked over. Glass vases are a bit more fragile.

This is an exclusive to Chapter Indigo product that you will not find elsewhere. I just figured with the size of this mug, you cannot go wrong for only $10. It makes a fantastic novelty gift as well!

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