73% Off Cuisinart 9" Round Cake Pan Was $30 | Now $8 & Free Shipping @ Newegg.ca (EXPIRED)

73% Off Cuisinart 9" Round Cake Pan Was $30 | Now $8 & Free Shipping @ Newegg.ca (EXPIRED)


I feel like I am doing a series of the greatest baking deals you can find! Either way, I am totally getting a kick out of these awesome deals and having a lot of fun sharing them with you. Today, I located this sweet Cuisinart 9" Round Cake Pan (SMB-9RCKSC) on sale from $29.99 down to just $7.99 with free shipping. I hadn't noticed this pan before because it doesn't qualify for our own bonus discount; however, it is still a fantastic deal.

Do note that there are two different models of cake pans: one with handles (this model) and one without handles, which usually retails for less. I compared the same model of Cuisinart 9" Round Cake Pan with other online retailers and here is the price comparison:

  • $29.99 @ Shop.ca
  • $13.24 @ Amazon Canada
  • $29.99 @ Best Buy Canada

Amazon Canada does have the pan steeply on sale but it still does not come close to the deal at Newegg Canada right now. I was also looking at similar pans as I went along. Paderno has a cake pan with handles that is sold for $19.99. It appears that any quality cake pans with handles are at least $20 so $8 is a pretty sweet price.

This is part of the easy grip non-stick line by Cuisinart. The round cake pan has silicone easy grip handles with a non-stick interior and exterior for easy clean-up and release. The cake pan itself is made of heavy gauge steel construction for even heat distribution and it has thick rolled edges to prevent warping. These pans come with a limited lifetime warranty and are dishwasher safe. I have never put my baking pans inside the dishwasher (I am scared of rust and removing the non-stick coating) but technically that is safe.

As with most baking pans... I recommend getting these in sets. If you are making a cake of any size you will generally make two or three tiers using round cake pans. Therefore, you could easily splurge on two or even three pans without reaching the original full price of one pan.

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