70% Off Ravensburger The Earth 3D Puzzle Was $50 | Now $15 @ Sears Canada (Expired)

70% Off Ravensburger The Earth 3D Puzzle Was $50 | Now $15 @ Sears Canada (Expired)


I am STOKED about this deal because Ravensburger is one of the top puzzle companies and this is such a good deal! Sears Canada currently has the Ravensburger The Earth 3D Puzzle on sale from $49.99 down to $24.99. Use coupon code941612495 for an extra $10 off your order, thus bringing the 3D puzzle down to $14.99. While Sears Canada has a free shipping minimum of $49, you can easily get this puzzle shipped to your nearest Sears Store or Sears Outlet - there are over 1300 across Canada.

The Earth Puzzle is just one of those things that I must buy! I enjoy earth science, I am addicted to BBC Earth, and I do not currently own any 3D puzzles so this is the perfect gift for myself. This Earth puzzle is comprised of 540 pieces and the puzzle comes with a metal rotation stand for securing and displaying. This gift does require assembly - which the receiver will be happy to do themselves.

You might be freaking out over the idea of a 3D puzzle and I am too. The puzzle pieces are rounded and designed to fit together to form a smooth, round ball with NO glue required. Essentially, it is a puzzle in the round! It is not only a great bit of fun for anyone who likes to assemble puzzles, it is also a great way to improve your knowledge of the Earth. The pieces only fit one way.

I blogged about this in a puzzle roundup about a month ago when it was on sale at Amazon Canada. Then, it was on sale from $54.99, down to $27.49. We never can anticipate price drops (wish we could!) but I am shocked to see the same puzzle for such a steep discount at Sears Canada. The puzzle on Amazon Canada sold out at their sale price so I expect the Sears Canada one to go like hot cakes.

I am delighted by this sale and am having a hard time not buying it. I just spoiled myself with a brand new adult colouring book yesterday so I am hesitant to get all decadent with a 3D puzzle too. However, I know I will never see this puzzle at this price again so I am tempted to buy it for myself. maybe I should just make it an early Christmas present to me.

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  • LoraLee
    Hmm...cant seem to get the $10 bonus code to work. Any suggestions? :)
    • LoraLee
      Just tried again...and it worked!! Thanks so much!!! Great deal.
      • Avigayil M.
        Happy you got it to work! <3
    • Sue
      thank you!!! just ordered!
      • jakob
        whenever I click on "continue" to place my order the page reload and it's stuck there. I am the only one with this problem? :(
        • Avigayil M.
          I just got all the way to the last stage of checkout. Might I suggest a different web browser? I am using Firefox myself.
          • jakob
            thanks for the reply. I'm using Firefox too. They said to check my email for a code to enter (for creating my account) but I never received it. I tried with a different email, still nothing. Now I'm on a second computer and even after clicking on guest checkout nothing happens.. I guess I'll give it up.
            • Avigayil M.
              That is super weird!! I am sorry to hear that :( Do you have any add or pop up blockers on your browser? I have this Facebook blocker that sometimes keeps websites from operating properly. Might want to just double check those. besides that, all I can think if is to try Chrome maybe. O.o
              • jakob
                You are spot-on! I deactivated ad-block (although I did it the first time with the 1st computer) and this time it worked for a guest account on the 2nd computer so I was able to grab the bargain. However I never had the confirmation email from Sears but at least I've been able to order the item, thanks for the replies Avigayil.
        • RMarty
          Something to note: The regular price is $49.99, and on the information page it's showing 50 percent off, for a total of $24.99. However, when you put the item in your cart, it shows up at $29.99 (not $24.99). Not the 50% off that shows on the prior page. I'm also having trouble getting the $10 off to work, but will keep trying...
          • Carol
            I tried to order price first comes up at $24.99 but when I go to Checkout it comes up at 29.99 and then I enter code for $10 off and that works but still costs $31.00 and change and cannot seem to be able to pick up at local Sears. The cost of shipping is 7.95 so is far off what I figured. Any suggestions?
            • Mary
              Note that when you add it to your cart, the price comes up as $29.99, rather than the $24.99 which would be the advertised 50% off the original $49.99. There seems to be an error in the Sears system.... so a note to buyers.
              • carol
                will not take the $10 coupon code - tried IE and chrome, to no avail:(
                • Avigayil M.
                  Hey guys, these are now out of stock!
                  • Greg
                    Back in stock at $24.99