70% Off Personalized Wall Calendar - Now $9 @ Photobook Canada (EXPIRED)

70% Off Personalized Wall Calendar - Now $9 @ Photobook Canada (EXPIRED)


In preparation for the New Year, purchase a voucher for a personalized wall calendar for only $8.99, originally $29.99. You save $21 and a bit more as taxes (13%) are included in the voucher as well.

This is part of Photobook Canada's Cyber Monday deals but the deal lasts for a couple days so do not worry if you miss buying it today. The total value of this voucher is $33.89 including tax. Thus, $8.99 is actually about 74% off what you would have to pay if you purchased a personalized wall calendar at full price from Photobook Canada. With this offer, you only need to pay shipping on top of the $8.99, which you would have to pay anyway.

Since this is a voucher, you will have some additional time to create the calendar instead of having to make it immediately. Use the voucher by March 8th, 2015 to customize a 28-page calendar with silver coil binding. Add your own special events, birth dates, vacation schedules, and holidays. Then pick out your favourite photos to adorn each month. For the month your child's birthday falls in, maybe let them pick out a favourite photograph for that month.

As the New Year is only one month away, I thought this was a very good deal and quite seasonally appropriate. Most people, especially those with young families, will be purchasing a new calendar soon so they can stay organized in the New Year. Rather than purchase a generic calendar, I think it could be fun to customize your own. At this price, it is cheaper than many if the calendars you buy in store.

Now, this is the price for one calendar, but you can get more than one and save an even higher percentage (before taxes):

  • One 12x12" calendar: - $8.99 (70% off)
  • Five 12x12" calendars - $39.99 (73% off)
  • Ten 12x12" calendars - $66.99 (78% off)

You also save the tax on all of those calendars so you can save up to 80% when you purchase ten calendars at the same time. Multiple calendar orders must be identical. You could always give a few away to grandparents and other family members for Christmas.

Shipping depends upon how many you purchase.

(Expiry: 3rd December 2014)


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