This 7-Foot-Tall Unicorn Sprinkler is Back on Sale!

This 7-Foot-Tall Unicorn Sprinkler is Back on Sale!

I know it's still January ... but this deal was too good to pass up! I was browsing deep into the online sale section at Chapters Indigo, and I spotted something pretty magical.

The BigMouth Unicorn Sprinkler is back in stock, and it's now on sale for $56!

This sprinkler was one of the hottest toys last summer – and it's perfect for helping you cool off. And besides, who wouldn't want their own GIANT unicorn in the backyard?

The entire thing stands at just under seven feet tall, so even grown-ups can stand under it. This sprinkler usually sells for $79.95 at Chapters Indigo, and this is the best deal we've ever seen from them or anyone else.

If you're heading to Chapters soon, these are back in stock at select stores. But if you want to shop online, remember that your order will ship free, or you can pick it up from a store for free.


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  • Williamson P.

    Hey look ! Its Scotland's national animal .. I'm thinking this is nearly the version that represents the country

    • Angela J.


      • Chris J.


        • Emily H.

          This needs to be added to the back yard repertoire!

          • Angela J.


          • Morgan J.

            ! Lol

          • Becky C.

            - Ry needs this for her birthday.

            • Wendy C.

              Does she....

            • Julie B.

              d hahaha

              • Lisa H.

                - a June birthday girls needs this!

                • Nicole L.

                  This is awesome

                • Nicole F.

                  I feel Blaike would freak and never leave the yard lol

                  • Jenn J.

                    Hahaha she’s yelling THATS MY UNICORN

                    • Nicole F.

                      BAHAHAHAHA see I told you

                    • Tiffany L.


                      • Julie H.

                        Pretty sure I need this!

                        • Amardeep K.


                          • Shelah R.

                            Omg!! Summer fun!!

                          • Kelly M.

                            Think of how many Plum points that would be :thinking:

                            • Mandy B.

                              something you need!

                              • Tizzy T.


                                • Julie M.


                                  • Candace W.

                                    you need this!! We can put glitter in it... when the water :sweat_drops: comes out it’ll be magical

                                    • Amanda W.

                                      This would make my 6 year old VERY :smiley:

                                      • Basha D.

                                        How much does it cost if it is $50.00 in thatr range i would buy it for her birthday Gramma barbie

                                        • Amie R.

                                          I feel like we need one :smile:

                                          • Kim D.

                                            can I bring this camping...:joy:

                                            • Lexi A.

                                              You had better!!! Lol:unicorn:

                                            • Kate A.

                                              I think Ava needs this