7-Eleven Canada: Bring Your Own Cup Day March 20th

7-Eleven Canada: Bring Your Own Cup Day March 20th


Tomorrow, there is an awesome event happening at 7-Eleven for just one day only.  On March 20th, it is Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7-Eleven and you will get to bring in your own cup and fill it for a very low price.

You will be able to fill whatever cup you bring in and get it filled for the low price of just $1.49.  This deal will last from 11am until 7pm tomorrow only.

Now you would think that people would know what a "cup" is but you would be surprised at some of the containers people bring in and claim they are cups!  They actually have a little list explaining what a cup is because of these instances which I find hilarious!

  1. Your cup when full must be up to 26cm in diameter or fit the Magic Measuring Hole in the store.
  2. Your cup must be food safe clean.
  3. The cup has to be water tight.  For example, you can not fill up a hat or your hands.
  4. The cup must be fixed in shape. For example, you can not blow up a baby pool and use it as a cup.
  5. One cup per person per day.

Basically, I would bring the biggest cup you can find to fill up and get your drink!

(Expiry: 20th March 2014)


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  • darci
    4 ltr milk jug - cleaned and ready to go! three teens are pumped!