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Shawn earned the power of a new Bargainmoose beat! That's right, children! Bargainmoose's benevolent dictator for life, Anna, has asked me to bring you all the very best digital entertainment deals. Today it's a great Audio book deal from Audiobooks.com

I absolutely love audio books. Since I started listening to Audio Books, I haven't read a single book with my eyes. I get every word shoved directly into my ear holes by some amazing readers. Audiobooks.com is making it real easy for you to get into audio books with their 7-day free trial.

Audiobooks.com has a neat model. You pay your monthly $25 fee (after the trial) and you get all-you-can-eat audio books. It's like Netflix for books. Your mileage may vary on this deal since someone who listens to one 8 hour audio book every two months would be better off with a different deal. You can buy one single audio book from Audiobooks.com for $20 and there are of course other outlets to get your books. If you are like me and eat audio books with your audio sensing flesh portals, then you will definitely want to start working through their 10,000+ titles.

For the people out there who remember audio books as 800 cassette tapes of Professor Snooty Von Stuffy-Pants reading War and Peace then you need to leave your memories at the door. Modern audio books are works of art that make the book come to life. Not to say there aren't boring readers out there but they aren't as common as they once were. To top it all off, you can listen to these on your Android device, iOS device or your computer!

(Expires: Never)

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