7 Canada Day Items!

7 Canada Day Items!


Canada Day is coming soon - it's on the 1st July 2010! I thought I would group together a collection of items from various Canadian stores that might be of interest to you!

  • Kids Canada Day Tee for $9.99 @ Please Mum. Isn't that a cute little tee? I like the collection of Canadiana, especially the moose of course!
  • Rough Guide To Canada (book) for $20.45 @ Chapters Indigo Canada. Would be a good guide if you decide to go travelling in this expansive country!
  • Hockey Canada cap for $25.99 @ Lids.ca. Way to show your patriotism on the top of your head! But it is quite a tasteful cap, I quite like it.
  • Women's Canada Hoodie for $70 @ Roots.ca. I've always loved the Canada hoodies from Roots.ca but I never have gotten round to buying one, and they're a bit more expensive than I would generally pay for a sweater! But Roots merchandise is very good quality...
  • Canadian Business magazine subscription for $19.95 for a year @ Well.ca. I wouldn't be that interested in this kind of magazine, not really my cup of tea... but some of you may be!


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