(64% off) Sargent Art 50x Colored Pencils were $22 now $8 @ Amazon.ca! (EXPIRED)

(64% off) Sargent Art 50x Colored Pencils were $22 now $8 @ Amazon.ca! (EXPIRED)


A few days ago here, I wrote about a great deal on a set of Prismacolor artists pencils on Amazon Canada. That price is still available if you’re interested, but Amazon has now alerted me to another deal on a similar set, which is also really great. For only $8.02, you can get this set of 50 Sargent Art pencils.

Now, while this set of Sargent pencils isn’t quite as high a percentage discount as yesterday’s offering (as this one comes in at 64% off), it’s still a superb price for a set of 50 professional colouring pencils. If you have Amazon Prime, then you can get these shipped for free. If not, you could spend $25+ for free super saver shipping.

If you’re starting to think about Christmas gifts (it’s only 99 days to Christmas you know!), this could be one to buy now and pop in the present cupboard.

I have a nine year old nephew who is difficult to buy for – he’s at that sort of in-between age where he’s growing up and wants adult stuff, but he’s still a kid at heart. He LOVES art though, and it’s his favourite topic at school. I was considering buying him something like this, as it seems like an adult gift, but it’s something he’d use on a daily basis.

I was talking to the fellow Moose authors here yesterday, and it almost sounds like I have a bit of a fetish for good colouring pencils! For me, it all stems from art classes in school… and I actually had a set of amazing pencils given to me from a family member, for a Christmas present. The pencils were such high quality and they were really excellent – you cannot compare this type of quality pencil to your standard Crayolas.

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