50% off Zoomer Show Pony for $49.98 @ Amazon.ca

50% off Zoomer Show Pony for $49.98 @ Amazon.ca

This isn't the first time the Zoomer Show Pony has been on sale, but this is by far the best price we've ever seen. Amazon.ca has it for half-price, at $49.98 from $99.99!

Like the other Zoomer toys, this pony is an interactive "pet" that can sing, dance and move just like a real horse!

She comes with an apple and carrot that you can use to feed her, as well as a brush to style her mane and a sugar cube to give her as a treat. And if you feed her too much sugar at once, she might get hyper and do her special sugar dance!

The Zoomer Show Pony requires four AA batteries, which aren't included.

Orders over $35 ship free.


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