50% Off Minecraft Figures with Accessories - Under $7 @ Toys R Us

50% Off Minecraft Figures with Accessories - Under $7 @ Toys R Us


**Bump: this deal is back on at Toys R Us this weekend **

I just LOVE this 50% off select toys sale going on at Toys R Us Canada. I found an array of Minecraft Figures with Accessories on sale from $13.99 down to just $6.97 each! There are quite a few characters to choose from so you can collect them all or add a new figure to your current collection. Receive free shipping to store (if available) or free shipping on orders of $49 or more at Toys R Us Canada.

There are seven figures with accessories to choose from in this sale and the price at Toys R Us beats all prices at other retailers. While prices vary at Amazon Canada, the cheapest figure will still cost you $13.22. The figures are $13.93 @ Walmart Canada but three out of the four they stock are already sold out! While Chapters Canada has a vast selection, each toy costs $14.36 there!

We have established that this is a great deal, now you just need to check out which sets you want to add to your collection. My favourite is the Minecraft - Figure with Accessories - EndermanOOS as I think he looks totally cool. Also, all black speaks to my little Gothic heart. These little figures are fully articulated characters that come with accessories. Enderman comes with a grass block and mushroom accessory. You can control Enderman's arms to pick up and move the blocks just like in the game. One reviewer said:

This toy allows kids to replay their video games with actual action figures. Toy is easy to use for mentioned age groups.

There are six other characters besides Enderman to choose from:

You can read the reviews on Toys R Us Canada's website, they are all really positive about these toys. Most parents find them affordable and their children LOVE to play with these little action figures. Each action figure stands about 3" tall.

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