50% Off Frames & Wall Decor @ Chapters

50% Off Frames & Wall Decor @ Chapters

Chapters' deal of the week features paintings, photos, and frames of some of the greatest in-store artwork. Offering prices as low as $10 on some gorgeous prints, and all of them at 50% off, there is no better time than now to order yours. In addition, you can get these pieces sent directly to the store nearest to your home and not have to pay a cent on shipping.

I fell in love with a gorgeous print from Chapters months ago, and walked away from it. After returning a few days later, I found out that they had completely sold out of them. Luckily enough, I am a huge Chapters fan and have the nearest locations all mapped out, so I went to a neighboring town to find a copy. I grabbed the very last one, and it is now the first thing people notice as they walk into my home. These pieces of art may be affordable, but they are of incredible talent and quality. Learn from my almost-mistake and don't wait too long if you see something that you love!

Shipping on these items, as mentionned, are free to the store nearest you, or free on orders over $25. Enjoy!

(Expiry: March 4th 2016)


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