5 Free Online Halloween Games

5 Free Online Halloween Games

I was browsing for some fun online games when I was recently bored for a minute or two. I found 5 fun Halloween themed games which you might like to play! These are all online games, so you don't have to bother with downloading anything.

1. Halloween Bubble


Anyone who recognizes the popular arcade puzzler "Puzzle Bobble" will recognise this Halloween variation of the same game. It's very addictive!

2. Square Meal


I gave this one a try and I wasted an hour of my life! Another very addcitive puzzle game, with a cute little green monster.

3. Vox Populi, Vox Dei


Werewolves! And Platform games! A winning combination.  I was surprised by the blood shed when I met the first werewolf, but it made me laugh.

4. Bashing Pumpkins


This one is absolutely funny! Give it a quick play and see the strange and funny places the pumpkins will materialise from.

5. Zombie Farm


This one is probably a bit too complicated for my liking, but you may like it nonetheless. It is like a Zombie strategy game, where you have to take over the world with your undead army.

Thanks to Dealspwnfor the links and pics.


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