4x Star Wars Cookie Cutters only $6 Shipped @ Amazon.ca!

4x Star Wars Cookie Cutters only $6 Shipped @ Amazon.ca!


Here’s one for the bakers, the crafters, the makers. If anyone is a Star Wars fan, perhaps yourself, or someone smaller in your household, check out the deal on these Star Wars Cookie Cutters. For the four piece set pictured above, you will be paying only $5.94 on Amazon.ca. And what’s even sweeter, is that the price includes shipping too!

The cookie cutters will come in a random colour combination – you won’t necessary get the exact colours pictured in the image. This is fine though, it doesn’t really matter what the colour of the cutters actually is. One reviewer stated that they got all their cutters in light blue, for example.

The Amazon seller on these is called Y.Q.L. – and they have good feedback on there.

Now, let’s think outside the box. You don’t JUST have to use these items for cookies, as the name might suggest. You can use these cutters for all manner of escapades. Some examples, off the top of my head:

  • Play-dough cutters
  • Jello moulds
  • Cheese shapes
  • Fondant shapes
  • Funky ice-cubes?

I am sure you can think of other uses too.

A couple of people in the reviews state that these cutters were smaller than expected – the size isn’t actually stated in the listing, so take that into account when you are making your purchase.

But for less than $6 including shipping, these could make a good addition to the kitchen crafts drawer.

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