4GB Crystal Heart USB Flash Drive For $11.83 @ Focalprice

4GB Crystal Heart USB Flash Drive For $11.83 @ Focalprice


Focalprice is offering a cute little 4GB Crystal Heart USB Flash Drive for only $11.83!

The price there is shown in US dollars, so it works out at just over CA$12. And that includes free shipping! Focalprice is a merchant based in China, but they are reliable and they ship to Canada (or worldwide) for free.

I've posted about Dealextreme in the past, they are a Hong Kong merchant, which ship wordldwide for free. Focalprice are almost a carbon copy of Dealextreme, and Focalprice also have a very good reputation across the various forums.

It's weird that they have combined a pen drive into a pendant!! But I think it's pretty cute. It might be a bit cheap and tacky to actually wear on a chain around your neck, but it would definitely be handy to hang off your purse or something, for file transferring emergencies!


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  • AnneV
    Where's Kong Kong? Hahaha! Obviously a mistake, but a funny one :)
    • Anna
      Anne, HA HA HA I just LOLed. Sorry for the typo.
    • sunshine
      heres something I found on deal extreme that was too adorable to not share (sorry it isn't about focalprice..lol) http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.43971
      • joy
        That is too funny Sunshine! I just saw someone with one of those clipped to their purse this morning. I was wondering what it was (actually I was wondering why they had a shower puff attached to their purse)!!