Kahootz Spirograph Design Tin Set Just $20 @ Amazon Canada

Kahootz Spirograph Design Tin Set Just $20 @ Amazon Canada

    *Bump! This cute set is back at this price.*

    Spirograph kits are a classic way to create lots of fun designs for both adults and kids. If the kids are looking for something fun to do indoors, this might be it. Plus, adults can use a Spirograph kit to decorate hand-made cards and such. The Kahootz Original Spirograph Design Tin is currently on sale at Amazon.ca, and this is the lowest price you will get for this item. The original price was $28.99, but the set is currently on for 31% off which leaves you paying just $19.95. Spend $25 to get free shipping.

    This 15 piece kit includes everything your children need to create countless Spirograph designs, and you really can't complain about the current price. It is best suited for children 8 and up because it is a little complex, but parents and grandparents will love watching the children enjoy something even they had as kids. Other Canadian retailers have this item priced at around $30, so if you are looking to snag this as an Easter or birthday gift then now is the best time since Amazon.ca has it on for just $19.95.

    The Original Spirograph Design Set by Kahootz from Amazon.ca includes:

    • 12 page design guide
    • 24 pages of design paper
    • 7 graph wheels
    • 1 ring
    • 1 bar
    • 1 rack
    • 2 pens
    • Spiro-putty
    • and the tin to store it all in!

    You probably remember making Spirographs as a kid with different Spirograph tools, right? Well not your children can enjoy the same activity! Not only will it bring back awesome memories for you, but it will keep the kids busy for a while. The options are endless when it comes to Spirograph designs, and there are even instructions on how to make specific designs.cart.

    This item is shipped and sold by Amazon.ca. That means you will need to spend at least $25 to get your shipping & handling charges included, but I am sure you can putter around the Amazon Canada website to find something else small and handy to add to your Amazon.ca shopping cart. The Paper Mate InkJoy Retractable Medium Point Advanced Ink Pens work well with this set, and that would put your total at $25.21. This set as 8 different colours, which would really spice up your Spirograph designs, right?

    Moosers, do you remember creating Spirograph designs as a kid?

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    • Tiggrr
      gosh, I remember spending hours playing with a set like this when I was a kid
      • Rodney D.
        Dunno if the 31% discount really warranted the purchase, but I needed a gift for my buddy's kids and given that The Shield complete television series was at $18 on ultra-discount, I bought this Spirograph kit along with The Shield to earn free shipping. Thanks for the post Brooke, hope the kids like it (and hope I like The Shield : )
        • Anna W.
          The Shield is a VERY good show.
        • Kayla
          It has since dropped to $18.95. While only a $1 decrease it may still keep going down in price, so Rodney and those who purchased this item, remember to watch the price over the next while and for a week after you receive the item to make sure you get any price difference from what you paid for it as per the earlier post regarding Amazon's lowest price guarantee.