40% Off Site Wide & Mother’s Day Tote $35 @ The Body Shop

40% Off Site Wide & Mother’s Day Tote $35 @ The Body Shop

The Body Shop pulled me in with their "ROCK IT LIKE A MOTHER" Mother's Day bags and kept my interest with the amount of stuff included for $35 AND the 40% off site wide sale!

Mother's Daybags are available for $35 with any purchase of $30 or more.

Here's what's inside the awesome bags:

  • British Rose Facial Mask 50ml, British Rose Body Butter 200ml, Hemp Hand Protector 30ml, Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 250ml & Satsuma Shower Gel 250ml

That is an amazing assortment retailing at $107!

I swear by the Hemp Hand Protectorcream ($10) in the winter. It works wonders on the driest skin and eczema flare ups. I'm not a doctor so don't take my word on the eczema bit but it worked wonders for me. It's always best to chat with doctor before trying something new!

Fun Fact: Bugs don't like the citrus sent of Satsuma. I personally love it but if you're anywhere with those annoying little sand flies that feast on your feet, Satsuma is your best friend!

Most important, how do you get this goodness? Simply add the Filled Tote to your shopping basket. Shop for $30 more dollars worth of items and add them to your cart. The price of the Filled Tote (aka ROCK IT LIKE A MOTHERbag, because that's never gonna get old!) will be automatically adjusted from $107 to $35 at check out.

If you're looking for other things to make up your $35, what I'm going to do (shhhh....don't tell our moms) I'm going to put together a mini spa kit with the 40% off Sale, then split goodies into 2 separate packages for Mother's Day. I love the bag so much, I'm going to keep the tote for myself. This is going to be our little secret, right?

My idea is to add the Two-Sided Exfoliating Foot Filefor in the shower and theTwo-Sided Exfoliating Wooden Foot File, for dry use, originally $8 each and down to $4.80 along with a Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel 250 ML on sale for $6 from $10. That will put me just over the $30 mark for the bag, not to mention 2 really great gifts!

Free Shipping is available on orders of $75 or more.


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