Unicorn Squeeze Popper Toy $7.19 W/Discounts @ Chapters Indigo

Unicorn Squeeze Popper Toy $7.19 W/Discounts @ Chapters Indigo

I saw a Unicorn Squeeze Popper toy in our mall today and it was priced at around $17. It's such a cute toy and looks like a lot of fun for kids and adults alike, but I prefer finding deals over paying full price on most items I buy.

I researched online and discovered Chapters Indigo has it for the lowest price right now, at only $9.99.

However, there's a sale of 15% off of selected merchandise with promo code INDIGO15 during checkout.

Now, on top of the 15% discount you will receive an additional 15% off if you pay using 'Visa Checkout.' Even though it's called 'Visa Checkout' you can use other credit cards such as MasterCard during the Visa Checkout process.

So, these two discounts bring this pretty little Unicorn's price right down to $7.19. Great price for a super cute toy that will bring lots of laughs all around. I love that the balls it pops out of it's mouth are rainbow coloured. It goes so well with the Unicorn rainbow theme.

All it's missing now is the, you know - butterflies.

I opted for in-store pickup so that it will ship for free. Or, you could spend over $25 to receive free shipping! Otherwise shipping will start at around $7.39.


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