The Cutest Ice Packs for Your Little One's Lunch $11 @ Amazon

The Cutest Ice Packs for Your Little One's Lunch $11 @ Amazon

I came across these Cool Coolers on Amazon and absolutely had to share them. If you're looking for ways to increase the fun quotient of your kiddo's lunch box and encourage them to actually open it and eat up, you must grab these little ice packs from Amazon! They're just $11 for the set.

The Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers are a set of four slim, reusable ice packs in fun, bright colours. The set allows you to always have packs stashed in the freezer in case one doesn't make it back home!

They're a perfect slim size--not like those huge, bulky things we had as kids--and they're designed to use individually and fit into all types of lunch bags and boxes. They're non-toxic and BPA-free so there's no worries there--just don't put them in the microwave or dishwasher!

They come in three cute designs: penguins, cars and sunglasses. I love the little penguins myself but your little guy might like the cars.

Taking a look at the reviews, people love these things. They're the perfect size and their kids just adore them. Sounds like a win to me!

Top up your order to just $25 to receive free shipping from Amazon.

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  • CuteSavings

    those ARE cute!

    • megvbar

      Aren't they?! You should get the cars for your little guy ;)