30% off Garmin Vivofit Jr Activity Tracker @ Amazon.ca

30% off Garmin Vivofit Jr

My husband and I both have activity trackers, and the kids are always asking for a chance to wear them - they want to see how many steps they can get. Now, we might just get them their own beccause Garmin Vivovit Jr Activity Trackers are 30% off at Amazon.ca!

These activity trackers are pretty cool, and convenient. They come with a 1-year battery life, are made kid-strong, and are even swim-friendly! And when synced with the parent mobile app they can be used to manage and assign chores and give rewards.

Check these out:

If you want to make sure your kids are staying active and getting their recommended 60 minutes a day, I'd definitely check these out.

The bands are one size fits all and are best suited for kids aged 4-9. And since they are over $35, these bands will ship for free.

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