Free 3 Month Trial @ Google Play Music

Free 3 Month Trial @ Google Play Music

I have used Google Play music when I was using my Android phone and tablet, and quite enjoyed it. There is something to be said for the interface of Android, and I am maybe one of the few who loves 'both' worlds, Android and iPhone for various reasons. Each has it's own pros and cons.

In this special offer though, don't worry, you can use Google Play music on both operating systems - Android, or iPhone. Of course you can use this on tablets and pc's as well. This time around, you will get to enjoy Google Play Music for free for 3 months. If the link below doesn't work for you, you can just use the promo code GPMJUNOS at the check out.

Where else can you find so many hours of pure entertainment for 3 months for free? You can access up to 50,000 songs from your computer and stream them anywhere for free.

Now here is the BEST part - you do not have to use up cellular data when you listen from your mobile phone:

  • Access 35 million songs on-demand and ad-free
  • Listen across all of your devices on Android, iOS, and the web
  • Download anything and listen even when you're not connected

The ad-free part is amazing. Simply listen to song, after song, after song.

Want your own D.J.,(sort of?) You can do that too: Search for songs, artists, genres, and more to instantly start radio stations.

So, I tested this out for you guys... My daughter has never had Google Play Music, and to test it out for 3 months for free, why not? This will be THE BEST for summer holidays in the car, she will download her playlist in advance and listen to music the whole way to Papa's house!

What about cancelling if you don't like it? I can confirm this as I signed up for a new account for my daughter while writing this. You may cancel immediately. It is an easy click of the mouse to cancel online, you don't even need to speak to anyone. My guess is you will enjoy it so much, you will want to keep it. You can always re-instate it if you want, just before your 3 month trial expires. For less than the price of 2 Starbucks drinks a month, why not?

You really can't lose. I highly recommend that you try this fabulous music service, Google Play Music. Please let us know in the comments below, some great can't miss tunes to listen to that are available on Google Play Music!

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