3 in 1 Changing Bag, Bassinet and Changing Station $70 Shipped @ Amazon

3 in 1 Changing Bag, Bassinet and Changing Station $70 Shipped @ Amazon

So, you're having a baby. You're about to feel like you are taking everything but the kitchen sink when you go anywhere, and mostly because you can't fit the kitchen sink in your bag - or you would be bringing it. This 3-in-1 Changing Bag may make a world of difference for you, as I know it would have for me. Get the 3 in 1 Diaper Bag - Travel Bassinet - Changing Station for $69.99 including shipping at Amazon.ca.

For one, this one-of-a-kind changing bag can store all of your baby essentials in the 5 zippered compartments and insulated bottle holder. Second, when you unfold it - it has a waterproof mattress that you can just wipe clean, which makes it easy for you to have your baby nap just about anywhere. Don't forget to use the included machine washable sheet that will help ensure your little bundle of joy is as comfortable as possible. This is a great alternative to having a bassinet or moses basket when you need to visit family or even go camping or go out for the day. Not only does this fab invention save space, but also time. Any mom knows how precious time is.

Then, just unzip the end panels and you have yourself a changing station! Now you won't have to fret if that restaurant bathroom doesn't have a change table (not that many us feel comfortable using those icky things anyway). This is a safe way to get a quick diaper change done - wherever you may be.

This will definitely be the nifty item that you need, so snag it for yourself or even grab it as the perfect baby shower gift. We weren't able to find it elsewhere in Canada, and most diaper bags can run you this much money anyway so spend the $69.99 and consider yourself armed for any task with baby.


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  • Gerry T.

    Is this cool or what?

    • Eilzabeth C.

      Lol!!! "What's in the bag miss? Ohhhhh yanno, a baby"

      • Laura M.

        This is the bag I think I tried to tell you about.

        • Eilzabeth C.

          crazy! Good price!

        • Melissa M.

          - this looks awesome!

          • Cathy D.

            It does!! Online only?

            • Melissa M.

              Yup. Amazon.

            • Stephanie L.

              This might make life easier with two:)

              • Charlyne A.

                what a great idea.

                • Christie T.

                  I remember my cousin having this for her babies, over 30 years ago!

                  • Amanda C.

                    That's so cool

                    • Shelley W.

                      . This is cool

                      • Jacquelyn A.

                        This is awesome