25% Off Select Lego Sets @ Amazon: Movie Melting Room, Ninjago Battle for City & More!

25% Off Select Lego Sets @ Amazon: Movie Melting Room, Ninjago Battle for City & More!

If you are on the lookout for Lego bargains perhaps for Christmas gifts for little ones, check out these deals which I’ve just found on Amazon Canada. They have reduced a range of Lego sets by 25% off their original prices.

I am listing below the 5 items that I have found which are all discounted by the aforementioned 25%. Amazon do sell many more Lego items, but these 5 are particular bargains. Read on and see why!


LEGO Movie Melting Room was $15.99 now $11.99 – I’ve compared this set elsewhere, and Amazon definitely has the best price I can find. Most other stores, such as Mastermind Toys and Best Buy have this set for $16.



LEGO Ninjago Battle for City was $139.99 now $111.99 – This LEGO set is $140 from Lego themselves, and the same at Best Buy and Future Shop. So, you’re saving nearly $30 on the regular price on this one. It looks fantastic! I’d love to get this set myself… well, for my daughter *cough.*



LEGO Ultra Agents Hurricane Heist was $89.99 now $67.49 – Elsewhere, this particular Lego set is $90 @ Lego, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Future Shop and Mastermind Toys, all the usual suspects. Super price from Amazon!



LEGO City Trains Train Station Building Toy was $79.99 now $63.99 – Elsewhere, you’re looking at cost prices of $80 @ Chapters and Walmart, I can’t see this particular set at many other stores.



LEGO Star Wars B-Wing Building Toy was $59.99 now $44.99 – This Lego set is $60 @ Toys R Us, $60 @ Lego, and the same @ Sears.


If you are placing an order of $25 or more on Amazon.ca, you will get free super saver shipping. Only the Melting Room falls below that minimum spend, all the others would come with free shipping automatically.

Overall, the prices on the above sets are excellent at Amazon. For those of you who know, it can be hard to get bargains on Lego. When you do find a bargain, it’s never a super steep discount such as 70% or 80%. But a 25% reduction on regular prices is great, especially as it is so close to Christmas and people are keeping their eyes out for this kind of bargain.

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