(32% off) Playmobil Furnished Shopping Mall Playset: only $138 Shipped @ Amazon.ca & FREE Gund Bear worth $25! (EXPIRED)

(32% off) Playmobil Furnished Shopping Mall Playset: only $138 Shipped @ Amazon.ca & FREE Gund Bear worth $25! (EXPIRED)


*** Price drop - another $15 off this since the time of writing! ***

If anyone is on the lookout for that BIG Santa gift, check out this deal on the Playmobil Furnished Shopping Mall Playset. This item was originally priced at $204.99, but you can get it for only $153.86$138.86 just now. Plus, you can also get totally free shipping to your home too!

The Playmobil Shopping Mall Playset also comes with 7 figures, 5 mannequins, various dresses, handbags, skirts, cash registers and loads of other accessories – there seems to be a lot with this! On this particular playset, it states that it is good for age 5 to 12, though I personally think the younger ages would get more fun out of this set.

I was looking at the reviews on Amazon.ca and they’re a bit weird. There are two one star reviews on there, but one of them isn’t even a review – it’s just a keyboard smash of letters. On the dot com though, there are 16 reviews with this Playmobil set scoring 4.5 stars in total – this makes a lot more sense. I know that Playmobil is a super popular range of toys!

As for prices elsewhere, I can see that this set was sold for $200 at Chapters and $192 at Scholar’s Choice, but neither store has it in stock. Amazon is actually the online place I can see this online in Canada, that is in stock and ready to buy right now.

Free Gund Bear

As Avigayil mentioned in a blog post a few days ago, any order of toys shipped by Amazon of $100 or more, will also come with a free Gund bear. Make sure you add him to your cart – he’s $24.99 but you will see a $24.99 discount at the very last stage of your shopping cart, like this:


Nice freebie, eh?

(Expires: unknown)


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  • Sue
  • Sue
    Now even lower - $138!
    • Sue
      Why is it marked expired, it is still there, just back up a bit to $146
      • Avigayil M.
        We generally mark things as expired - the deal being expired - when it goes up in price. ^_^
      • Gloria
        It's now down to $132!