30% off Genetic Testing Kits @ 23andMe Canada

30% off Genetic Testing Kits @ 23andMe Canada

If you're looking for a present your loved ones definitely don't have, you might want to take a look at this sale. Until Christmas, 23andMe Canada has their DNA testing kits for 30% off!

There are two kinds of testing kits available through 23andMe, and they're both on sale for the next couple weeks.

First, their standard Ancestry Service is down to $89 from $129. And second, their Health + Ancestry Service package, which includes additional information about your traits, ancestry and overall health, is down to $174.

They're both pretty straightforward. After you receive your kit, follow the included instructions to collect and mail a saliva sample. The team at 23andMe will analyze your DNA and send you an email anywhere from six to eight weeks later, letting you know your results are ready.

If you buy a kit (or more) before Christmas, they'll even throw in free gift wrap. Just note that shipping isn't included in the purchase price, so you may want to budget for that.

No matter which kit you buy, there's one thing you absolutely have to check out on their website. 23andMe "analyzed" the Grinch's DNA, and they break down the full results!


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