2001 Audio Video Canada: Sennheiser Headphones HD-228 | Was $100 Now $50

2001 Audio Video Canada: Sennheiser Headphones HD-228 | Was $100 Now $50


Looking for a better way to listen to your favourite tunes? 2001 Audio Video is currently having a clearance sale on their Sennheiser Headphones (HD-228), and you can now pick up a pair of these sweet headphones for $49.99! The regular price is $99.99, so you're saving $50 off the regular price. In fact, these exact headphones are currently selling for $167.08 on Amazon! What's great about this deal from 2001 Audio Video is that you'll also qualify for free shipping when you order these Sennheiser Headphones (HD-228) - nice!

These Sennheiser Headphones (HD-228) look great! They're sleek, they're stylish, and they come from a reputable brand (Sennheiser). They also look like they're comfortable to wear, and have an impedance of 24 ohms. You can learn more about the specs of these headphones by clicking on the link above.

A great pair of headphones can really help you appreciate the music that you're listening to. After all, when you're pumping out some tunes from your iPod or your cell phone, you'll want to clearly hear every instrument with minimal interference. Plus, you'll notice a nice difference between these Sennheiser Headphones (HD-228) and the stock headphones that typically come with your audio-playing device.

I've included a snippet of a review of these Sennheiser Headphones (HD-228) from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

I love these. My opinion of good sound is that all frequencies need to be represented, with bass bumped up a few notches. These do exactly that. They're detailed enough to punch holes in badly encoded music and can still hit the lows with excitement. That's rare.

Since these Sennheiser Headphones (HD-228) are on clearance, they probably won't be in-stock for very long, so if you're interested in picking up these high quality headphones, I highly recommend that you check out this deal right away. I hope you all enjoy your Saturday!

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